Is the native Vend: Quickbooks Online integration offered by Vend not powerful enough for you? We’ve built an integration for businesses that require line-item accounting details to be passed into Quickbooks.

As a retailer, you may depend on Quickbooks Online for a number of business functions including procurement, purchasing, merchandising, inventory management, financial reporting, tax filings, or any number of issues where you need sales data coming in at a line item level from Vend. The native Vend <> Quickbooks Online integration offered by Vend doesn’t support this, but we do.

How Does it Work

We provide you with an advanced connector that is managed through our web app.

Optional Mappings

Payment Methods
Deposit to accounts
Vend Outlets to QBO Customers
Vend Outlets to QBO Location or Class



$ 49.99


  • 1 Location
  • 100 SKUs Max
Choose Plane

$ 79.99


  • 2 Locations Included
  • 500 SKUs Max
Choose Plane

$ 99.99


  • 3 Locations Included
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • $19.99/extra location
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